Progress Report update – April 2012

The Leviticus 25 Plan was launched in January 2012.

It was sent to all 50 governors, 50 state Chamber of Commerce organizations, major financial news sites and nationally-syndicated columnists.  It has also been sent to certain key members of Congress.

Interested responses have been received from certain financial new sites, several syndicated columnists, and two contacts in Washington.

The Plan has broad popular appeal for working Americans.

And April begins round two.  All of the same individuals and sites named above will again receive notice of the Leviticus 25 Plan – see the message below.

Help spread the word


A bold new economic recovery plan was launched in January of this year.  This Plan delivers powerful cost savings and tax revenue benefits for state and local governbments.   Ihas been sent to all 50 Governors in America, along with all 50 state Chamber of Commerce organizations.
The Leviticus 25 Plan is a unique economic acceleration plan which gets right to the heart of economic recovery in America. It provides direct liquidity benefits to American families and long-term benefits for small businesses and housing markets across America – while scaling back the role of government and reducing debt burdens on our country.
These benefits are accomplished through a $50,000 direct credit extension from the Federal Reserve – to each U.S. citizens who wishes to participate.
The Federal Reserve has provided trillions of dollars in liquidity extensions to foreign interests via currency swaps, the purchase of European sovereign debt, and direct credit extensions to foreign banks.  U.S. citizens deserve nothing less than the same access to credit.
This comprehensive plan has been two years in development, and January 2012 marked the official launch.  This is the second round of the launch.  It has also been sent to major financial media sites, think tanks and various economic organizations.
This economic plan would be a major benefit to the good American citizens in your state.Your support and influence for the plan will be appreciated.And also note – the federal government has no credible plan to deal with the nation’s sovereign debt and turn this economic crisis around.
 The Leviticus 25 Plan is included immediately below (note especially the FAQ section).

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