Economic lethargy – while Fed “pumps $100 billion per month” into Primary Dealer trading accounts. America needs a bold, new “U.S Citizen Credit Facility.” The Leviticus 25 Plan.

Wall Street Examiner – April 2, 2013:                                                                    Factory Data Shows US Manufacturing Dead In The Water As Headlines Mislead                                                                                                                         April 2, 2013                                                                                                                     By Lee Adler                                                                                                                (Excerpts)

“The headlines today blared of a 3% increase in factory orders in February, completely obscuring the truth of just how bad the US manufacturing trend is. The real story lies in the fact that factory orders have been flat for two years and have trended lower for the last four months.” 

“In spite of 6% population growth since 2007, the nation’s volume of factory orders is the same as it was 6 years ago.“

“New factory orders (actual, adjusted for inflation and not seasonally adjusted), a broader measure than durable goods orders because it includes non-durables, dropped 1.9% year to year in February. It was the 4th straight year to year decline.”

“More important is the big picture trend and the response of manufacturing to Fed stimulus. After rebounding sharply from the 2009 bottom through early 2011, the trend then stalled. The annual growth rate has been in a downtrend since April of 2010 and has been at or below zero for the past year. Since the Fed started settling its QE3 MBS purchases in November, this index has shown no material improvement. The money printing is not trickling out into the manufacturing sector. The just released ISM data suggests that the factory data for March won’t be any better and could be worse.”

“Don’t believe the hype about a return of US manufacturing.  As the Fed blows another stock market bubble, a US manufacturing revival just ain’t happening.  Another asset bubble not supported by real, qualitative and quantitative growth in what the economy actually produces, will not end well. They can obscure the truth for a while, but time is not on the side of the market manipulators.”


 ZeroHedge headlines:

 4-15-13: Empire Fed Latest Economic Disappointment, Drops To Lowest Since January, Misses Expectations                                                                                           4-12-13: US Economic Data Plunges Most In 10 Months To 4-Month Lows                     4-12-13: Railcar Loadings Drop Most Year-To-Date Since Crisis                                      4-10-13: Housing ‘Recovery’ Shifts To Contraction                                                             4-9-13: Small Businesses Planning To Hire: 0%


The U.S. ‘big-government, central planning extravaganza has dished out trillions of dollars over 4 years, and the U.S. economy remains moribund.

It is time to shift to a plan that features a “U.S. Citizen Credit Facility.”

The Leviticus 25 Plan                                                                                                        – Economic liberty and debt relief for American families                                                     – Market-based efficiencies in healthcare                                                                            – Economic growth acceleration for American small businesses                                        – Long-term Dollar stability


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