Retreat – change in “Real Hourly Wages” drops into negative territory for first time since 2012

Trillions of Fed liquidity pumping to the financial oligarchs and politically-connected crony groups – and what exactly do working Americans have to show for it..?

The “Change in Real Hourly Wages” has now dropped below the zero line … into negative territory for the first time since October 2012.

And the “Average Hourly Earnings” chart is beginning to roll over.

Charts courtesy of:  ZeroHedge 05-16-2014  


Meanwhile (ZeroHedge 05-14-2014),   Ukraine Just Issued $1 Billion Bonds Backed By The US Taxpayer                                                                      …………………………………….

After 5 years and trillions of dollars worth of liquidity fire-hosing by the Fed, working Americans are losing ground – with Real (inflation-adjusted) hourly wages now turning negative.

On top of that, it was recently announced that the U.S. is ‘backing’ $1 Billion in Bonds issued by Ukraine – to help them pay their energy debts to the Russian oil giant, Gazprom.  Keep in mind that this is ‘over and above’ the billions of dollars the U.S. has already provided in support of Ukraine – through the IMF.

It is time for working Americans to get access to liquidity to pay down debts at the family level, too.  It is time to get America moving.

The Leviticus 25 Plan.

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March 2014: Disability rolls swell to record 10,996,447 beneficiaries

CNS News – May 20, 2014:                                                                                                         “The total number of disability beneficiaries in the United States rose from 10,981,423 in March to 10,996,447 in April, setting a new all-time record, according to newly released data from the Social Security Administration.

The number of Americans receiving disability benefits continues to exceed the populations of Greece, Tunisia and Portugal, and is approaching the population of Cuba, which according to the CIA World Factbook is 11,047,251.”

Disability beneficiaries

“The 10,996,447 total disability beneficiaries includes 8,942,232 disabled workers, 153,475 spouses of disabled workers, and 1,900,740 children of disabled workers.

None of those individual categories of beneficiaries set a record in April, but the combination of all three was the highest it has ever been in the history of the disability program.”

NY Post – May 21, 2014: “The average monthly payment was $995.23, according to the Social Security Web site. The money comes from the Disability Insurance Trust Fund, which began paying benefits in 1957 to disabled workers and their dependents.”

Note:  It is believed that much of the growth in SSDI over the past 5 years occurred when unemployment benefits ‘ran out’ for many people, and sympathetic doctors helped facilitate the ‘disability’ status – in order to keep benefits flowing to distressed families.”

There is a better way.

The Leviticus 25 Plan provides access to liquidity and the opportunity for distressed American families to get back on their feet and earn an honest living – without having to ‘hang on’ with Means-Tested Welfare, unemployment payments and SSDI benefits.


Dear Congress – a question about homeownership in America…

The U.S. government and the Federal Reserve ‘showered’ the banking system with trillions of dollars of ‘free money” in the early years of the financial crisis – to help ‘float’ them up out of the subprime debt hole that they had dug themselves into.

Meanwhile, American families have been paying the price for that generous bailout over the past 5 years, due to the erosion of purchasing power with a weakened Dollar and the consequentially higher prices for energy, food, housing.

For American families, there have been 7 million foreclosures since the beginning of the financial crisis over 5 years ago. That’s “7 million foreclosures,” since you, Congress, authorized trillions of dollars in bailouts for the big banks.

Homeowners in America are facing continued grim prospects. There are currently “1,141,130 properties in the U.S. that are in some stage of foreclosure (default, auction or bank owned).” (Realty Trac – April 2014)

9 million homeowners remain “seriously underwater on their mortgages and there are millions more who are stranded in place because they don’t have enough positive equity to cover transactions costs and more stringent down payment requirements.”  (David Stockman – ZeroHedge).

How can you ‘sit there’ and do nothing..?   How can you not see the legitimacy for authorizing the same access to credit for individual American families that you authorized for the big banks during 2008 – 2010…?

Are you going to sit there and watch as potentially millions of additional families lose their homes through the foreclosure process..?

There is a better way…

The Leviticus 25 Plan provides the mechanism for such a credit extension, allowing American families to reduce mortgage debt and keep mortgages ‘current.’  And not lose their homes.

It is the only economic plan in America that provides dynamic benefits at ground level and pays for itself over 10-15 years.

The Leviticus 25 Plan – An Economic Acceleration Plan for America 2014 (347)




Fed (May 2014): Two “very disturbing” economic trends…

Excerpts from: CNNMoney – May 8, 2014 :                                                                   “There are two economic trends that Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen told Congress this week she finds “very disturbing.”

Unfortunately, the Fed has very little power to fix either of them – Or so they believe…

‘Very disturbing’ trend #1:   Long-term unemployment
About 3.5 million Americans have been out of a job for at least six months.
This group accounts for 35% of all the unemployed.

“That’s a very disturbing trend, and something that we would like to be able to do something about,” Yellen said to the Senate Budget Committee Thursday.

‘Very disturbing’ trend #2:  Income inequality
“We have seen a trend toward rising inequality in income and also in wealth. And I personally view this as a very disturbing trend that policymakers should be looking at and considering what is the appropriate response,” she said.

There are important perspectives that are not being fairly considered in the Fed’s statements. Their policies provided massive liquidity benefits for the banking system, but little, or no, liquidity benefits for “main street” America.  Hence the problems with long-term unemployment.

In regard to ‘income inequality,’ the end goal should be economic liberty and greater disposable income at the family level.

We should never trust government to be entrusted with determining and managing ‘income inequality.’  Rather, provide citizens, accross the board, with the same resources that you provided to the ‘big dogs’ of banking during the crisis period – to help them get (in your own words) “healthy.”

The Fed can easily fix these two “very disturbing” economic trends – with the same tools they used to ‘fix’ the banking crisis:

As the banking crisis intensified in the Fall of 2008, with major banking institutions assuming (or on the verge of assuming) ‘underwater’ status, the Federal Reserve ran quickly to the rescue with secret liquidity lifelines” (Bloomberg 8-22-11).

The Fed substantially eased some important collateral rules for banks, “meaning that banks that could once borrow only against sound collateral, like Treasury bills or AAA-rated corporate bonds, could now borrow against pretty much anything – including some of the mortgage-backed sewage that got us into this mess in the first place….   ‘All of a sudden, banks were allowed to post absolute [expletive deleted] to the Fed’s balance sheet,’ [according to] the manager of the prominent hedge fund.”            (Source: Bailout Hustle, Matt Taibbi).

The Federal Reserve invented various “facilities” to fire-hose liquidity out to the big banks and big brokerage firms, including these:                                                     Primary Dealers’ Credit Facility (PDCF)                                                                       Term Securities Lending Facility (TLCF)                                                                         Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program (TLGP)                                                        Commercial Paper Funding Facility (CPFF)                                                                Term Auction Facility (TAF)                                                                                             Public Private Investment Program (PPIP)

And now it is time for the Fed to create one final ‘facility’ that will eliminate vast swaths of debt at ‘ground level’ in America and create a dynamic employment environment that will, at the same time, substantially resolve the “income inequality” dilemma:

A Citizens Credit Facility – for direct credit extensions to U.S. citizens.
The Leviticus 25 Plan.



IMF bailouts: first Greece ($39 billion in 2010) … and now Ukraine ($17 billion in 2014)…. U.S. taxpayers foot 17%

The U.S. supports the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to the tune of 17.1% of its funding. That is the U.S. “quota” percentage. But the true amount may actually be slightly more than that, due to something called “usable resources” (Zimbabwean dollars and Venezuelan pesos are not “usable” in terms of IMF lending)

When the IMF bailed out Greece with a $39 billion package in 2010, the U.S. portion of that bailout amounted to $6.669 billion. Thank you, American taxpayers.

The IMF just announced a $17.1 billion bailout package ($3.2 billion to be extended immediately to forestall defaults). The U.S. taxpayers ‘kick-in” amounted to $2.924 billion.

A significant amount of the IMF bailouts will be used to pay off gas debts owed to Russia.
But first… (again, thank you, American taxpayers)…:

ZeroHedge 5-6-14:  “Kiev will use the first portion of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan for augmenting its gold and currency reserves in order to stabilize the financial situation in the country, National Bank Chairman Stepan Kubiv said on Monday, May 5.

Over $1 billion from the first portion of the loan will go into the gold and currency reserves of Ukraine, which will strengthen the financial system of the country. The remainder will go to the budget to stabilize the macroeconomic and financial situation in Ukraine,” he said.

To recap – The U.S. government funds 17% of the IMF budget, of which billions have flowed to, through the IMF, to Greece and Ukraine to help them pay off debts to the likes of hedge funds and Russia’s Putin.
And to provide funding to Ukraine to purchase gold and currency reserves “in order to stabilize the financial situation there.”

Novel idea:  What if U.S. citizens were also provided with the same access to their own money that the citizens of Greece and Ukraine have received, courtesy of our own U.S. government and the IMF…?

Greece and Ukraine have used U.S. funds to pay down debts and purchase gold.
Allow U.S. citizens to access credit, through a Citizens Credit Facility, to pay down our own debts and stabilize family finances.  And to purchase gold, as a hedge against a U.S. Dollar that has been losing purchasing power at a steady rate since the opening round of QE in March 2009.

It is time to level the playing field for U.S. citizens first – and time to restore economic liberty in America.

It is time now for The Leviticus 25 Plan.