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The Fed’s Startling Student Debt Numbers That Every Young Person Should See ZeroHedge 03/30/2015    Submitted by Simon Black via Sovereign Man blog :

“What I’m about to tell you is not my own opinion or even analysis. It’s original data that comes from the United States Federal Reserve and national credit bureaus.
1. 40 million Americans are now in debt because of their university education, and on average borrowers have four loans with a total balance of $29,000.
2. According to the Fed, “Student loans have the highest delinquency rate of any form of household credit, having surpassed credit cards in 2012.”
3. Since 2010, student debt has been the second largest category of personal debt, just after a home mortgage.
4. The delinquency rate for student loans is now hovering near an all-time high since they started collecting data 12 years ago.
5. Only 37% of total students loan balances are currently in repayment and not delinquent.”


The major complicating factor in the exploding “student debt” problem is the scarcity of good-paying jobs for college graduates – the kind that provide a level of income with plenty of room to repay debt in a timely fashion.

How are things looking for recent college graduates and their debt repayment prospects?

The Atlanta Fed recently projected “0% growth” (GDPNow) for the current quarter.  More…                                                                                                                       RECORD 93,175,000 AMERICANS NOT WORKING…
Record 12,202,000 Blacks Not In Labor Force…
Record 56,131,000 Women…
January, February jobs numbers revised down dramatically…
Fed Cuts Growth Forecast to Zero…

There is only one economic plan in America that reignites economic growth and gets the country moving again.

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