“Economic inequality” in the U.S.? We do NOT need wealth redistribution – we need The Leviticus 25 Plan..

The last thing America needs to address the burgeoning dilemma of  ‘economic inequality’ in the U.S. is a grand government-directed ‘wealth redistribution’ scheme.


The top 10% of Americans enjoy disproportionately high share of both income and wealth in the U.S. economy… and there can be no doubt that a large percentage of people in that same privileged group, by virtue of their gold-plated Wall Street umbilical cords, benefited handsomely from the the U.S. Government (Fed, Treasury) massive Wall Street bailout extravaganzas during the 2008-2012 financial crisis and aftermath…

To illustrate the point, billionaire Warren Buffett, with his 27 percent ownership in Berkshire Hathaway enjoyed such heart-warming generosity when the U.S. Treasury Department pumped close to $100 billion into the eight financial companies under the Berkshire umbrella – courtesy of the TARP resuscitation disbursements to the Wall Street financial sector.

And Buffett’s Goldman Sachs stake paid off handsomely when the Fed covered the AIG counterparty payouts to Goldman … and then transfused billions to Goldman through various credit facilities during the financial crisis period.

(Chart accessed from OfTwoMinds blog)


America does NOT need wealth redistribution to level the playing field, as so many liberal thinkers demand.

America needs just one thing: an economic plan that grants U.S. citizens the same access to liquidity that was provided to the wealthy and politically connected class during the 2008-2012 period.

And here is that plan:

The Leviticus 25 Plan 2017 –  $75,000 per U.S. citizen                                                   The Leviticus 25 Plan 2017 (1260)



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