Fed hands out billions in IOER “riskless profits” to foreign banks each year. It is time now for U.S. citizens to be granted equal access to Fed liquidity flows: The Leviticus 25 Plan.

Foreign banks with U.S. subsidiaries currently have $1.15 trillion parked with the Fed, earning what is called “interest on excess reserves” (IOER).

Over the past three years,the Fed has paid out $15 billion in IOER “riskless profits” to foreign banks.  And with the Fed’s December rate the IOER will effectively double, and foreign banks will pocket a cool $6 billion in additional IOER payments in 2016.

And if the Fed hikes three more times in 2016, as they have intimated, these handouts to foreign banks will top the $11 billion level in the year ahead…


The Federal Reserve Will Hand Out $11 Billion In Riskless “Profits” To Foreign Banks In 2016  – ZeroHedge 12/21/2015 –  Charts / Excerpts:

The chart above shows that between early 2013 and today, foreign banks received another $9 billion in cumulative interest payments from the Fed, a grand total which now amounts to just shy of $15 billion.

And now, with the IOER doubling to 0.50%, it means that foreign banks will collect interest from the Fed at double the pace. Indeed, assuming all else is equal such as total excess reserves parked with foreign banks remaining flat at the current $1.15 trillion level, it means that just over the next 12 months, foreign banks will pocket another $6 billion, increasing the cumulative Fed cash payment from $15 billion currently to $21 billion.

[And… if the Fed raises rates one-quarter point three more times in 2016, the result will be] a riskless “profit” handout for foreign banks, subsidized by the most famous US “public” institution – the Federal Reserves – amounting to approximately $11 billion in just one year.

And since there is no plan in sight for unwinding the Fed’s gargantuan balance sheet and soaking up the trillions in excess reserves parked at both domestic and foreign banks, this handout of risk-free cash will continue indefinitely.


The U.S. Federal Reserve is handing out billions of dollars in “riskless profits” to foreign banks – and is on course to provide even sweeter liquidity flows for those banks – with the Fed’s recent rate hike – thanks to millions of U.S. tax-paying citizens.

It is now time for millions of U.S. tax-paying citizens to receive liquidity flows of their own from that very same Fed:

The Leviticus 25 Plan is a dynamic economic initiative providing direct liquidity benefits for American families, while at the same time scaling back the role of government in managing and controlling the affairs of citizens.  It is a comprehensive plan with long-term economic and social benefits for citizens and government.

The Leviticus 25 Plan 2017 –  $75,000 per U.S. citizen                                                        The Leviticus 25 Plan 2017 (1256)



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