The U.S. Health Care Freedom Plan – the one clean and affordable, comprehensive alternative to ObamaCare

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has been an extraordinarily expensive, red-tape laden, ineffective, inefficient, freedom-robbing, boondoggle.. of colossal proportions.

There is one comprehensive, citizen-centered healthcare plan in America that ‘resets’ the health care industry in a way that is clean, efficient and responsible.  Most importantly, this plan restores individual freedom and liberty for all participating Americans.

1.  Each U.S. citizen who wishes to participate will be granted a full and complete  exemption from the ACA.

2.  This plan offers freedom of choice and equal justice for all.

3.  Each U.S. citizen participant will receive a credit extension, through a special Federal Reserve Citizens Credit Facility, of $25,000, electronically deposited into a Medical Savings Account (MSA) – for direct allocation toward family health care needs.


1.  The U.S. Health Care Freedom Plan is open to each and every U.S. citizen – with no mandates.


Exemptions:                                                                                                                        The ACA currently offers hardship exemptions for individuals who have a recognizable inability to pay for a plan or pay the penalty.  The ACA also currently offers exemptions from certain provisions within the health care law, such as the reinsurance provisions, for various union organizations.

And certain U.S. Territories are exempt from specific ACA measures:                             The Hill, 7-17-14:  “Insurance companies in Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Northern Mariana Islands are no longer required to implement a number of ObamaCare measures such as the community rating system, a single-risk pool, the medical loss ratio or guaranteed benefits.”

2.  The U.S. Health Care Freedom Plan – offers equal justice for all – and freedom of choice.                                                                                                                                 Any U.S. citizen desiring a full exemption from the ACA will be granted a full and complete exemption.  Exemptions from various ACA provisions and coverage mandates will not be limited to politically connected groups, hardship cases, or geographically diverse areas.


Administrative costs – bureaucracy:                                                                                The Federal government has spent hundreds of billions of dollars to construct the monstrous ObamaCare ‘machine.’

Billions of dollars have been spent on the roll out costs, insurer subsidies, management, monitoring, advertising, technical ‘fixes,’… you name it.

There will be hundreds of billions of dollars yet to come with legal costs/prosecution, audits, regulatory costs/burdens, and much, much more.

News headlines from the past 2 years:                                                            Obamacare Adds 3,322 Pages of Regs to $234 Billion Tax Complexity Burden…

Obamacare Website Costs Top $1 Billion

Bloomberg’s Peter Gosselin finds, looking at the full range of ACA-related contracts for just 10 firms, more than $1 billion worth of contract awards. Perhaps even more mind-blowing is that more than one third of the funds going to the top contractors working on the federal exchanges were awarded in the last six months

Analysis: Feds gave states $4.4B for ObamaCare exchange site rollouts


HHS plans to spend up to $7B — to cut costs…

Administration spends $17 million a month on paid advertising…

REPORT: Taxpayers Shell Out $14,000 per Obamacare ‘Enrollee‘…

Feds Spend Another $20M on…

None of these hundreds of billions of dollars have had anything to do with “you” getting direct access to health care… and allocating resources directly for medical attention that you need and desire for your family.

3.  U.S. Health Care Freedom Plan – grants direct access to liquidity for U.S. citizens to allocate directly – for their health care needs:
The sum of $25,000 would be electronically deposited into a family’s Medical Savings Account for each participating family member under a new U.S. Health Care Freedom plan. These qualified accounts, opened through participating financial institutions, would allow families the freedom to allocate their healthcare dollars in a manner that best meets their needs.

Participating families would be granted exemption status from Affordable Care Act and allowed to allocate their own health care resources. Families would be allowed to enroll in high-deductible ($10,000 – $15,000) major medical plans, which would substantially lower costs for consumers and employers. Employers would be allowed to share cost savings employees through incentive-based employer MSA contributions under the

U.S. Health Care Freedom Plan provisions.
Qualifying medical policies must include a primary option that allows families the freedom to select a basic, no-frills, major medical plan with optional coverage riders (e.g. alcohol treatment coverage, mental health counseling, etc.), only as desired on a family-by-family basis. Policies would not be automatically loaded with expensive government healthcare mandates.

Premium costs would be dramatically lower with the high-deductible feature and the elimination of expensive government mandates.

Families would pay directly (MSA debit card) for normal, day-to-day healthcare purchases, up to a level of $5,000 per single family member, for example, to $10,000 or $15,000 per family of four. Health care would not be under the ‘management’ and control of a big government bureaucracy. Insurance coverage would be in place for major medical expenditures above the deductible trigger.

With the elimination of millions of minor insurance claims across the nation over the course of each month, system-wide efficiency would improve, medical costs would drop significantly, and the direct patient-provider relationship would be restored. Medical professionals would not have to answer to HMOs, insurance companies, or government agencies in providing basic day-to-day healthcare access for their patients.

Those with extraordinary medical issues may be included in a high-risk category, with such plans being eligible for a government subsidy (similar to current Medicare Advantage).

Individuals enrolled in Medicare / Medicaid / VA / TRICARE / FEHB programs would be required to pay an annual deductible ($5,000 per year per enrolled family member) for a period of five years for those benefits. The dedicated MSA funds would fully fund the offset for the higher ($5,000) deductible feature. MSA funds could also be used to pay Medicare supplement premiums and other potential co-pay obligations.


If all 300 million U.S. citizens were to participate in the plan, the total dollar transfer into family-based Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs) would amount to $7.5 trillion.

The potential cost savings from the $5,000 deductible provision for the ~150 million people currently enrolled in Medicare, Medicaid, VA, TRICARE, and FEHB would amount to   $3.75 trillion over the first 5 years (or, one-half the $7.5 trillion initial roll out cost).

This plan would generate trillions of dollars in cost savings, fraud-cutting,improved efficiency.  It would improve quality and ease of access to health care for all participating Americans.

For patients: It would dramatically lower the cost of health care, while improving quality and access for all who chose to participate.

For providers:  It would restore the patient-provider relationship and significantly reduce massive cost and time burdens imposed by a centralized system.

The U.S. Health Care Freedom Plan an integral part of a larger, comprehensive economic plan:

The Leviticus 25 Plan 2017 –  $75,000 per U.S. citizen                                                   The Leviticus 25 Plan 2017 (1249)


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