Wage Growth, Labor Participation Rates – Stagnant. America Needs ‘Liquidity’ at Ground Level…

U.S. Real Wage Growth is stagnant and the Labor Participation Rate is in a major slump.  Coupled with our nation’s debt problems, we have a fragile situation on our hands.

We need liquidity.  At ground level.


If You Like Your Stagnant Wages, You Can Keep Your Stagnant Wages

ZeroHedge, Sep 19, 2017 – Excerpts:

“Ever since the great recession of 2008/2009, economists have grown increasingly perplexed by the lack of real wage growth in the U.S. economy despite improving unemployment trends. Even with a 4.4% unemployment rate, real wage growth has been elusive and hovered between negative 1% and positive 1% for years now.”


America needs a powerhouse economic acceleration plan that grants direct liquidity extensions to U.S. citizens – the same way that The Federal Reserve Bank and U.S. Treasury provided direct liquidity transfusions to Wall Street Financial institutions during the great financial crisis.

The Leviticus 25 Plan is a dynamic economic initiative providing direct liquidity benefits for American families, while at the same time scaling back the role of government in managing and controlling the affairs of citizens.  It is a comprehensive plan with long-term economic and social benefits for citizens and government.

The inspiration for this plan is based upon Biblical principles set forth in the Book of Leviticus, principles tendering direct economic liberties to the people.

The Leviticus 25 Plan 2018 –  $75,000 per U.S. citizen

The Leviticus 25 Plan 2018 (2514)



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