When government runs the health care show, you can expect prices to rise – substantially

And here we go….

The Affordable Care Act pounded the big insurers over the past three turbulent years, and they are now seeking to further stabilize their business plans.

Big health plans, at least the ones that managed to survive the past three lean years, are filing their 2017 premium proposals with regulators, and those proposals include robust rate increases.

The 2017 proposed increases follow in the steps of the hefty 14.9% average increase that hit consumers across America between 2015 and 2016.



Insurers Seek Big Premium IncreasesWALL STREET JOURNAL  5-25-16


Big government is not providing health care solutions.  It is expanding America’s health care problems.

Decentralized health care is the solution, with U.S. citizens allocating health care resources in accordance with their own needs and desires:

The U.S. Health Care Freedom Plan – the one clean and affordable, comprehensive alternative to ObamaCare

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